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(C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13
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I apologize I am never constant when it comes to my activity. That I have absolutely non-determinable schedules on the internet, especially here on DeviantArt. There are several reasons. For those too busy or unwilling to read the TL;DR: I'm ill, struggling with my mental health, busy, and working on a professional website/portfolio so I can hopefully start looking more into freelance work. For more in depth please read below.

First off, my health. Both physically and mentally. It is in a very poor state in both. I nearly ended up in the ER today due to indescribable pains in my lower abdomen. Fortunately the pain has since dulled but I have been having light headedness spells and loss of balance. And my mental health I'd rather not go to into but I have had thoughts I shouldn't have due to my depression. I've stopped myself before I did anything I would regret but this has been on/off. My main issue is with my panic disorder/anxiety. Which has been extremely bad lately. I couldn't even handle grocery shopping which is obviously very bad (cause food is important). This has taken a heavy tool on me. At least playing games have been distracting me but it doesn't always help.

Secondly, I am just busy with my own life. I am working on a painting for a contest, writing my stories, been attending weddings for my cousin and upcoming is my uncles, and preparing for this upcoming school year. I do not have much time to be online. It just becomes overwhelming to force myself to be active daily like I tried to be in the past. My stories and art will never be finished if I spend so much online. One day I'll be more active but that isn't now.

Finally, if it isn't obvious (probably isn't), I strive to become more professional when it comes to displaying my artwork and stories. Otherwise I feel I am not to be taken seriously. That I am just another "hopeless dreamer" when I am serious about what I do. Hence, I am working on a professional website. Unfortunately cannot buy my own domain (which would be even more professional) but it is much better then using social media alone. It is an organized place that will explain about me and what I do/plan to do, my works, and a lot of other great stuff that social media cannot do for me. I am also looking into freelance work since I feel that will be easier on me then forcing myself to find a constant job right now- especially with my anxiety and health issues I wouldn't be able to hold one for long or get in in the first place. One of these days I plant to leave DeviantArt alone, only logging in to check notifications and possibly commission artists. I'm not sure when this day will come, maybe in a year or two, by that time I should have my site finished. 


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Little Butterfly
Artist | Traditional Art
I am Little Butterfly/Little Butterfly 404 Error. I am a traditional artist that focuses around a detailed manga style and watercolours. Since age ten I have been aspiring to become a mangaka. Right now I am mostly focusing on my story “Entangled Daisies” and one shot “M a s k s”. I hope that within the next few years I could get to making official pages or even get one published (it all depends on money and health). I also am working on several other stories, including one called "Trail to Other" which I hope to turn into a game similar to Ib and The Crooked Man type games.

I tend to be quite slow at things so please be patient with me. Unless it is sketches I cannot (and will not) force myself to produce faster art or my story faster. As I have learned through experience rushing myself only makes poor quality. It is the same with replying and commenting too. I just need time or there will be a less-than-satisfactory responses. The more patient yuu are with me the better things will turn out- I promise.

Finally, I am adding this last bit because it is majorly important. My original artworks may contain dark and triggering themes. My art and stories are my personal outlet for my feelings, and has become a coping mechanism for me after all else failed. And it is actually helping me. I'll do my best to mature content the more severe artworks, but I won't mature content everything. I will not pretend to be happy and change the mood of my artworks. I draw and write for myself, not to yuur wants. Thank yuu.

Bow Bullet : Pink by Syumi (C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Mini Teapot + Teacups Divider by UsagiPinku (C) English Ivy Divider (FTU) by Moonlight-pendent13 Bow Bullet : Pink by Syumi

F2U: heart bullet by Caffeine-HolistInstagram F2U: heart bullet by Caffeine-Holist

Bow bullet by Syumi , English Ivy dividers by Moonlight-pendent13, Tea cups by UsagiPinku, Heart Bullet by Caffeine-Holist



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